Our Curriculum Model

Student Placement: At each grade level, gifted students are placed together in one classroom, with a teacher specifically trained in meeting the needs of gifted learners. This allows the curriculum to be accelerated and enrichment opportunities to be provided. Additionally, it provides a support system for gifted students, who have specific academic and emotional needs.

Curriculum: Each gifted class follows the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM), where student interests and learning styles are taken into account and acceleration and enrichment opportunities are provided on a regular basis. The process is implemented as follows:

  • Step 1 – Interest and learning styles assessments are given to students. That information is then used to create classroom activities meeting those particular interests and learning profiles.
  • Step 2 – Teachers use curricular compacting to accelerate the content and skills taught within the gifted classroom. Pre-assessments and formative assessments are used to determine the portions of the curriculum that can be eliminated based on student prior knowledge. Students will then have the opportunity to focus on more difficult standards, as well as move on the enrichment portion listed below.
  • Step 3 – Using the Enrichment Triad Model (ETM), students are offered different types of enrichment experiences throughout the school year.
    • Type I enrichment activities are designed to expose students to a variety of topics and interests not typically covered in the regular curriculum. This includes guest speakers, digital media, field trips, etc.
    • Type II enrichment activities focus on the development of thinking and reasoning processes. Activities include creative problem solving tasks, the development of affective skills, and a focus on beginning research skills.
    • Type III enrichment activities focus on individual student research on a self-selected topic of interest, using the skills previously acquired throughout the school year.

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