Overview for Families

KidsOverview. Calverton Elementary is a TAG (Talented and Gifted) in the Regular Classroom school. TAG identified students in grades 2-5 are matched with a teacher trained in teaching gifted learners and receive specialized instruction within their general classroom setting. We are devoted to ensuring that our children receive the appropriate educational experiences, including accelerated learning and enrichment opportunities. We look forward to another successful year at Calverton Elementary. As always, if you would like further information on our TAG program, please contact Ann Rossman or Stephanie Sheiman at 301-572-0640.

Instructional Opportunities. Throughout the school year, students will have access to a variety of specialized instructional opportunities. In language arts, this includes access to high levels of text, including literature discussion circles, Junior Great Books, and Jacob’s Ladder materials. In mathematics, students participate in an accelerated curriculum, with a focus on project-based learning opportunities. Our STEM curriculum includes multiple opportunities for inquiry-based discovery and exploration. Additionally, students will participate in independent studies, as well as enrichment opportunities at the school level and throughout the DC-Metro area.